Space 5

The Elixir

The Elixir


Reflecting the finesse of Indian colour pallete; this residence is done for an artful client. Located in sub-urban Amritsar neighbourhood, the area spans around 6000 sq.ft. While sticking to safer paradigms, we tried to throw in our trademark play with perspectives & formidable artfulness.

You shall find abundant use of italian carrara marble along with a high throw of contemporary lighting, automation & technology echewed in the place. Use of bespoke chandelier pieces with locally sourced art pieces work as vision pullers throughout the place.

Completed during the first years of Harkaran’s design practice; this residence shows the creative hologram in making that is so abundantly visible in more recent projects done by Space 5. One of the more subtle highlights includes the use of clay jaalis on the exterior elevation of the façade which eschews more loudly about its setting than anything else.

All public rooms convey royal freedoms in terms of splendour & beauty. While classic furniture like windsor sofas make a welcoming return in this design, equally modern entities like full scale marble sublime tables make it ever more interesting a juxtaposition between the now & then.